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With the account application, a default allocation is provided. For further requirements please contact your HLRN consultant.


(Voluntary information to support the assignment of the HLRN consultant and for planning of HLRN operations)
The use of most of the software packages at HLRN is bound to different license conditions. The usage is allowed exclusively for the purpose of academic research and teaching. Some licenses are not available in the whole HLRN. Please contact your consultant to check the possible usage dependent on the license model. Further details on the different packages can be found in the user documentation on the HLRN web site.
Other software (e.g. numeric libraries)

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Your login name will consist of 8 characters. The first 3 letters are derived from the federal state ("Bundesland") and the field of work. You can choose the final 5 characters. Accepted are lower case letters and numbers (without umlauts). The first character has to be a letter. Commonly, this part of the login name is built from the beginning of the given and family names or just the beginning of the family name.

Comments by the applicant

e.g. joint data access (unix group) with other user accounts.
Legal Notices: Applicant's Declaration:

By filing this application I agree to the following conditions.

It is not allowed to share a personal account.

My data specified here may be stored for statistical and accounting purposes. Data about resource usage as well as a project description may be published.

I will neither store nor process personal data on the system.

I am aware that, due to export regulations and trade agreements, citizens or institutions of the following countries (*) are not allowed to use the systems to develop biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons. [ (*) Cuba, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo (Democratic Republic of the), Eritrea, Guinea, Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe ]

It is not allowed to download source and object code of the system's manufacturer. Computing resources are granted only for the purpose of the research described in the application.

Non-observance of these rules or misuse of the system by me shall make me fully liable and obliged to compensation. Independend of the initiation of penal and/or civil actions the user and his institution will be excluded from further usage of the system.

I hereby confirm the correctness of my data in this application. I also confirm the notice of the above rules and conditions, and I commit myself to obey them.
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